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Originally Posted by JR23 View Post
It's impossible to place a drain such that all of the coolant will come out. No matter how much you think it through, there will always be some trapped in a radiator or block. Place it somewhere that will get most of it and allow you to get all of the coolant from the sensitive components. Like below the graphics card. Then you can get them out safe and dry and just tilt the case to get the rest.

Coolant can behave very strangely in a loop, especially when air starts to get trapped as you drain it. But if your observant and careful you should be able to drain it/disassemble without much aggravation.

What ^he said. For me, the primary purpose of a drain port is to get most of the fluid out, so that when I start disconnecting components I don't get a deluge of coolant, but just a bit of fluid which I can wipe off with a few paper towels.

Also, I wouldn't expect the pump top to hinder the draining too much TBH, it's not like it's made from magic fluid flow resistance stuff.
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