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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
This is true, though for balance I'll just add AMD also has an equivalent encoder for streaming.
I wouldn't say equivalent, to the extent that in fact I wouldn't use AMD VCE at streaming bitrates. It's fine for getting raw footage for editing, though. Avet's video above says everything, for a quick conclusion go to 17:45.

In terms of a suitable graphics card I'd probably go with 1660 Super at 1080p. But 1440p monitors are becoming affordable, even at higher frame rates, so would strongly consider that route and 2060 Super for instance. Going higher has pretty harsh diminishing returns. I would avoid Navi for a streamer rig and in general due to their more unstable driver stack, black screen issues are still around.
CPU wise 3600 is the king, as Z490 motherboard prices are elevated due to bone-headed decision of including PCI-E 4.0. Otherwise 10600K could be a worthy upgrade.

What comes to RTX, the tech is barely usable with a 2080 Super and somewhat nice with 2080 Ti. Both clearly out of your budget, maybe with next generation ray tracing becomes actually viable.
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