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Case help

Seeing as I've started a new job and have the prospect of steady income for the forseeable future I've been looking into building a new rig. Ideally I'd like to get the case first as it would be my motivation every time I look at it, also I'm planning on watercooling and fitting a window if the case I settle on doesn't have one so any modding etc could be done in the meantime while the pennies stack up for the kit.

I've been looking around/watching reviews and I'm having a difficult time choosing a case. There's quite a few that I like and can see potential for but I don't want to spend silly money, especially if I'm going to potentially be chopping bits out etc. I've mainly been looking at mid towers, that don't require huge amounts of work to squeeze rads in.

The cases I'm leaning towards are:
BitFenix Shinobi
CM 690 II
Corsair Carbide 300R
Fractal Arc Midi R2

Then pushing the budget a little:
CM Storm Trooper/Stryker
NZXT Switch 810

Just wondered if anyone could offer their real world experiences/opinions/advice or alternative suggestions as I've been at this for days

Edit: I'm not going for a mega build so no out of the ordinary requirements for the case.
I fancy going for an all AMD build again so probably looking at
CPU: FX8350 (or depending on how long it takes and what happens, maybe wait for Steamroller)
GPU: 7950/70 (or again, wait and see the 8000 series and what it brings) possibly crossfire at some point if I feel the need but I doubt it.
MoBo: Still looking into it, not decided.

I have no actual experience with WC but I'm just going on the assumption that for a CPU/GPU loop I'm going to need 2 radiators or one big one. Most likely won't be OC'ing right off the bat, nothing major anyway.

Edit Edit: Forgot to mention that I'll be using SSD for OS etc, but will also need a mechanical storage drive for the time being.

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