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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Well where it exhausts heat from the back of the psu is where the front of the case is, henceforth the intake from the front will go into the exhaust

Not a big deal but it will collect dust if it is unfiltered.
Ah, now I think I understand what you mean. Actually, the airflow will go from back to
front (intake through radiator at the back) through the case. The air going into the case will
be filtered before it goes into the sideboard. The case will be placed inside that, and I will probably
mount a filtered large fan in the sideboard's back which will supply air to the compartment in
which the PC is. That will allow me to close the sideboard while still allowing the PC to draw
fresh air from the outside.

If that sounds a bit convoluted, it will become clearer once I show the final setup.
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