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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Bit off topic here, but may I ask what you think of your own 2080 Super and if you may have experienced any sound related issues while using it?...
It's surprisingly smaller than my 1080 FTW, but it's loud. Hopefully I'll have it under water before too long. I haven't experienced any sound issues and I use the onboard sound from the motherboard.

Originally Posted by b33rd0g View Post
yeah i think it more or less came straight from factory because the pre installed bios was just 2 weeks old or so.

as for what i think of it, im not a hardcore overclocker or anything, the only thing i did was to up the ram speed to 3200, switch off some LEDs and minor things, so i cant say much about that. i left the cpu stuff as it was.but it works, is silent and seems to stay cool. not sure what to think of that so-dimm thing or what its called, that sticks out like a tongue. if i didnt stick 2 small rubber pads on the bottom of it it would rest on the gpu backplate. it looks odd. not sure its a design that will stay. but the m.2 (thats installed on the so-dimm, and is not one of those hyperfast new ones) works and was 30C the one time i checked.

the 3800x seems to peak at around 4.5 ghz one core, all cores are running at 4.25-4.3 ghz when stressing all cores
The board will sit horizontal in my case I shouldn't have to worry about the so-dimm card being obvious. My only concern is if it will interfere with water cooling the GPU and clearance on the rad in the roof of my case. I haven't measured anything yet. I did purchase the Gigabyte PCIe 4 m.2 so hopefully temps won't be too bad. I'd assume they would have done some testing with that...hopefully...
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