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Originally Posted by hmmblah View Post
Lucky! It's not out in the US yet. What do you think of it so far?
yeah i think it more or less came straight from factory because the pre installed bios was just 2 weeks old or so.

as for what i think of it, im not a hardcore overclocker or anything, the only thing i did was to up the ram speed to 3200, switch off some LEDs and minor things, so i cant say much about that. i left the cpu stuff as it was.but it works, is silent and seems to stay cool. not sure what to think of that so-dimm thing or what its called, that sticks out like a tongue. if i didnt stick 2 small rubber pads on the bottom of it it would rest on the gpu backplate. it looks odd. not sure its a design that will stay. but the m.2 (thats installed on the so-dimm, and is not one of those hyperfast new ones) works and was 30C the one time i checked.

the 3800x seems to peak at around 4.5 ghz one core, all cores are running at 4.25-4.3 ghz when stressing all cores
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