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Originally Posted by Lyca50 View Post
I’ve been looking at the Z270 MB and the i7-7700k, this chip runs at 4.2ghz I know I can overclock it and that this would be even more of a performance gain but I wanted to know how this works as a huge upgrade when you look at stock? as the speed difference between this and my old cpu at turbo is only a 0.3ghz gain, I realise my board and cpu are nearly 5 years old and newer normally = better, but I want to understand more about how this works and what makes it faster? I get that using a 14nm process is better than 22nm by being smaller and less hotter but gains
translated in ghz is still only a 0.3 gain in 5/6years? What am I looking at wrong?
Performance gains aren't only achieved through increasing clock speed, the IPC are improved as well as the architecture matures.

The smaller process also doesn't necessarily mean running cooler; if they shrink the die and pack everything in they're actually making it more dense and potentially hotter, as well as reducing the surface area in contact with an IHS.

I also wondered if anyone else was holding out to upgrade to coffee lake later this year? I read somewhere this will have a 15% gain pushing it closer to 5ghz at stock which seems more like a real upgrade to me.
The mooted 15% increase will be general performance rather than a 15% clock speed increase I'd have thought, and knowing Intel it will still be closer to 5%, but you're focusing too much on just clock speed.

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