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New MB, CPU, Memory noob questions

I have a few noob questions and would appreciate some advise.

Iím going to be upgrading my PCís Motherboard, CPU and memory this year. My specs right now are -

Gigabyte Z77P-D3 mb with i7-3770k ivy bridge stock 3.5ghz turbo 3.9ghz
16gb ddr3 crucial [email protected]
MSI 1070 gfx card
x2 SSDís, x1 HD
Superflower 850 80+ gold PSU
Nzxt 450case with x3 120 fans in front x1 140 in rear and x4 140 fans in push pull on a x61 kraken
nzxt strip light in the case

Iíve been upgrading PC parts in the last year or so getting it ready for the most expensive ones and I mainly use my PC for gaming but Iím now hitting minimum required spec on games for my CPU and I canít upgrade CPU or OC using my current board.

Iím running on 1080p monitor but am also thinking of upgrading to 1440p g-sync at some point in future and I also want an m.2 ssd at some point.

Iíve been looking at the Z270 MB and the i7-7700k, this chip runs at 4.2ghz I know I can overclock it and that this would be even more of a performance gain but I wanted to know how this works as a huge upgrade when you look at stock? as the speed difference between this and my old cpu at turbo is only a 0.3ghz gain, I realise my board and cpu are nearly 5 years old and newer normally = better, but I want to understand more about how this works and what makes it faster? I get that using a 14nm process is better than 22nm by being smaller and less hotter but gains
translated in ghz is still only a 0.3 gain in 5/6years? What am I looking at wrong?

I also wondered if anyone else was holding out to upgrade to coffee lake later this year? I read somewhere this will have a 15% gain pushing it closer to 5ghz at stock which seems more like a real upgrade to me.

Ideally I would like this machine to run for another 5 years until next upgrade and I would OC in-between that period to eke it out. Would it be a good idea to suck it up and buy 32gb ddr4 @3200mhz or get 16gb now and another 16gb later? Iím not sure why but Iíve got it in my head that if I fill up all the lanes i.e. 4 sticks of 8gb memory it will perform better and be the best bet for longevity, as it will be with paired memory?

The motherboard I have in mind is the asus hero z270 because I like the layout, but I keeps looking at cheaper options.

Other questions I have are - do Gigabyte still provide the best support for the U.K. or has this changed? And what is MSI and ASUS support like in UK?
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