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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
What the RAM pulls is irrelevant because they were measuring at the wall. And when review time comes that is how they will be measuring the overall power draw.
Who were measuring at the wall? No one has tested this model yet have they?. Just pointing out that having more of the graphics card integrated into the GPU package itself will raise the GPU package TDP without raising overall power consumption(Which is why you can't compare Vega's package TDP with other models when trying to compare total power consumption- a mostly unrelated metric besides some vague correlation between he two).

Plus, using TDPs for the FE model to try and estimate or compare the Nanos power consumption is a horrifically flawed and inaccurate way of going about it. With HBM2, TDP for 16GB cards will be different from 8GB cards, and memory clocks now also affect package TDP significantly more as well.
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