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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
It's important to remember than the TDP of AMDs new cards includes the TDP of the memory, while non-HBM cards don't. It's already fairly pointless to compare different manufacturers TDPs anyway.

The previous Nano card was at times efficient than Maxwell and Polaris despite being on 28nm thanks to power envelope tweaking and good binning. Given Vega will be in APUs soon in fairly reasonable core counts I'd expect this can be an incredibly effecient architecture when it needs to be. I'm sure this card will be a demo of what Vega can really do in perf./watt with high core counts and low clocks. Expect it to be just as revolutionary compared to both Nvidia and AMD cards as the last Nano was in terms of system power(And remember, HBM2 uses significantly less power than GDDR5X).
What the RAM pulls is irrelevant because they were measuring at the wall. And when review time comes that is how they will be measuring the overall power draw.

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