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Originally Posted by demonking View Post
PEGI ratings are useless these days and will shift the responsibility and blame to the parents of these kids. Perhaps in cinemas they work some of the time but there is nothing stopping these kids from buying games that are rated 18+ from digital storefronts and purchasing said lootboxes.
I said it before, the only way you can get this resolved is to licence it and fine and prosecute those companies that breach those licence agreements. Once the CEO's of these companies start getting criminal records and huge losses on their spreadsheets then they will be inclined to resolve this problem. At the moment its lining their wallets.
Ideally, both will happen. TBH, rating bodies like PEGI need to start cracking down on games that patch loot boxes in after launch. Get a nice low rating and then crank things up to not get the loot box logo.

Yeah, PEGI rating are useless to a lot of people. TBH if I had kids I'd take the content of the games they play very seriously. Ratings can be very useful for that. That said, there are a lot of bad parents out there that couldn't care less.

I do agree that the law needs to catch up on this mess. There is no way NBA 2020 or FIFA 20 should be a 3+ given its content. I've seen parents get told their children want the premium game editions of for the packs that come with them.
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