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The time has come... 1070 to 2080?

Hi all,

Well I posted a couple of months ago where I was pondering on the idea of upgrading to the 2080 in the hopes of hitting around the 100fps mark ( where I feel comfortable ) at 1440p. My current 1070 I would like to say good around the 60fps with things set to high/max (game dependent).

I guess I just want a bit of clarification to whether people think the upgrade is worthwhile now that the cards have been out for a little while and having being trialled and tested. Rather than just looking at benchmarks it would be nice to hear what people were actually getting.

Just for clarification my basic specs are as follows -

3770k @ 4.4
Extreme4 Z77
16gig 2400mhz
650w (just big enough!)
Ssd's etc
Windows 10.

If voted yes then I'll be clicking the order button in two days... 😍

Thanks in advance, any comments much appreciated.

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