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Thanks for the reply I do a lot of work that requires the use of multiple screens, as I need a lot of the stuff infront of me. I also hate tabbing between windows, and my current setup only has 2 screens due to graphics limitations... I am getting most, if not all the parts for this from Scan, and for the two GPUs it is around £850 ish, so it is extensive, but I'm looking to get a machine that will last me through the rest of 6th form, and then the 4, maybe 5 year uni course in computer science, so I need something that is sort of future proof, and will be able to keep up with me, something my current computer is failing at miserably. It is kind of a dream PC, but I want to build this, and if I do, then the build log will be going on this thread, there is no doubt about that, the only problem with this is financing it, I should have all of the parts by Easter at the latest, maybe with some slight revisions, but it won't change much from this.
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