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Originally Posted by jcchg View Post
Why no Cyberpunk 2077 benchmark?

I didn't know Intel i5 performed that well, and much cheaper than Ryzen 5. Other than replacing a Ryzen 2000 and keeping your motherboard, I would say Intel is the way to go for a new build.
I'm not sure why Tom didn't, but I think it came down to timing.

In my analysis pieces on Cyberpunk, I used a different area for CPU and GPU tests. Our typical test area for the game is not that CPU-heavy, making it useless for CPU-focused performance testing.

Finding a new benchmark area for this one article would have added a lot of work to an already time-intensive testing scenario.

The new i5 does offer a lot of value for gamers. TBH I'm not sure if I'd go AMD or Intel this gen if I was making a gaming system. Both are great options and both are on what appear to be dead-end CPU sockets. DDR5 is coming, and that means that both camps will be using new CPU sockets soon.
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