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The 1080Ti had a 471mm^2 die and 12Bn transistors, that difference(~5% die size) is quite small in the grand scheme of things(Especially when we're talking about a 65% jump).

You gotta remember we're talking about two dimensions here too, a 775mm^2 die vs a 825mm^2 die is the difference between say a 20mm x 41.25mm die and a 20mm x 39.25mm die.

(Volta's cores are loosely the same size as Turing's[Due to the RT cores being comparable in size to the set of DP cores], it just has more CUDA cores (~11% more cores for ~13% more transistors)).

The huge size of those RT cores(1 per SM) is partly why the RTX2080 (545mm^2) is 16% larger than a 1080Ti while packing almost 20% fewer CUDA cores. Turing cores are absolutely giant compared to Pascal, and must be within a hair(literally physically) of Volta.
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