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I finished up the turret boards yesterday after building the veroboards for the CCS and the input filter.

I found some more inner tube which I've cut to the shape of the transformer base which acts as a vibration damper. I did the same on the Mk III build and it seems to work reasonably well. This time I had sufficient to cut one piece to do the whole base where I did the 4 mounting points previously. All the bits and pieces are now fitted to the plate.

The polished plate definitely looks better than the anodized version. I've noticed a few small niggles with the layout that I've corrected for the final version. The rectifier valve is a bit close to the choke and the position of the phase splitter valve is closer to the input valve than it needs to be. Neither is a big issue though and shouldn't pose any problem. The only thing I need to make now is the chassis framework to hold the plate in place.
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