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Originally Posted by Greenback View Post
have to wonder how stadia will fair once Xcloud comes out and with nvidia now,
Badly, both Nvidia and Microsoft have less of a content problem. Stadia still needs to get access to a larger games library.

Another factor is that Google may have created stadia at the wrong time. A lot of people have guessed that Amazon is using a Vega series graphics card for Stadia, which is a little underpowered as we move into next-gen.

TBH, I think that Google has done a Wii U, created a console (well streamer, but you know what I mean) that beats current gen but is not ready to tackle next-gen. Yes, Amazon can upgrade its systems and have talked about multi-GPU, but both xCloud and Geforce Now are easier to develop for, as both will use pre-existing Xbox and PC versions of games.
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