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The stock AMD coolers work very well for what they are cooling.

I cooled a 1700x with the stock cooler from a 1300x, yeah it was a little toasty for my liking which is why I put a NH-D15 on it, but that stock AMD cooler was not designed for the 1700x.

The problem with Intel not putting a cooler in the box is that because the stock Intel coolers would not be able to cool the stupidly hot CPU's when they hit 50% and above usage, people would be able to claim the included cooler was not up to scratch and if the cpu died Intel would have to replace it and admit it was due to heat.

Even a H100i struggled to cool a 4790K and 7700K without de-lidding them, and look at the heat of the 9900K, there is no way the normal Intel stock cooler would cool them.

The fact that AMD are upgrading the stock coolers, should mean that for 99% of users there will be no need to purchase an aftermarket cooler, thus allowing them to spend extra money on something else, like maybe a better motherboard with better power circuitry allowing the cpu to run better because of cleaner power.
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