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Sorry but the hard data thoroughly disproves the above, AMD has done amazingly well in forcing Intel and NVidia's effective prices down in the bulk of the market, price cuts in the under £300 area for both companies have been rampant, and Intel now offers x2 the CPU you'd get pre-Ryzen for your money to 90% of their customers, and this is the bread and butter of the industry.

AMD hasn't had to compete with Intel's 9900K to make Intel cut their prices on 99% of their sales units and the same goes for NVidia.

In fact, competing with these niche flagship products that only make up <0.5% of market-share is likely to have 0 affect at all on the rest of the market, you just don't get that same kind of free and open competition in these niche price points where people will pay anything for the best. If AMD just released a "2080Ti killer" without effective responses to the lower stack first, NVidia could chop £300 off the RTX2080Ti and still have enough headroom to not have to lower prices of 99% of their cards sold.

AMD absolutely has to work from the mainstream up if they want to force price cuts to NVidia, a full frontal assault on the halo products is useless until the rear guard is up.
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