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Ultrawide advice

Heya everyone,

So I have a question for you all with ultrawides here, as I've had a few ones (such as Predator X34, X34P and even ASUS PG348Q) a few years ago, there have been much innovation in this segment since then.

Now we have ASUS with their TUF VG35VQ and LG 34GK950G-B (what is up with the naming these days? ...).

I'm currently using an LG 27GL850 and the ultrawides have started to grow on me lately. My biggest issue back then were the fact that when watching Youtube, there were black bars on the sides. Due to Youtube being 16:9 aspect ratio and ultrawides are 21:9.

Is this still a thing? I'm specifically thinking regarding LinusTechTips, JayzTwocents, OptimumTech etc. Since their videos seems to be in cinematic aspect, so wondering if these are ultrawides now or not? Or can YT even be in ultrawide mode?...

Does anyone know if Netflix does ultrawide? As I've only used all of these on 27" and 16:9 aspect ratios.

Lastly, which ones of the mentioned monitors would you recommend me today? Seeing as the ASUS is VA and the LG is NanoIPS. Which I'm using on my 27 at the moment... But is the extra few hundred bucks worth it for the LG one over the ASUS one? Has panel technology evolved anything in this regard?.

I'm aware that on my last few threads lately, there haven't been much reponse. So I thanks anyone and everyone who replies and commenting on this in advance!

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