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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Then MS should have dropped dx11 support much earlier. They need to keep the ecosystem advancing. We need to fully drop 32bit and dx11. Force people to upgrade or update. For heaven's sake they still default MS office to 32bit installs as an example. It's 2020 and every major architecture in the past 5 years is 64bit.

It's the only good thing Apple does. Keep their ecosystem moving forward. MS should adopt this. Android has this problem too.

Windows 7 gained dx12 a while ago. They should have forced a transition. People need to keep with the times honestly. It's more than just consoles that are holding us back.
They didn't implement it in Win7 because they wanted to force people on Win10. When they finally gave Win7 DX12 the console hardware didn't support it. Yes, it supports DX12 but only partially.

So until next-gen consoles are released MS didn't want to lose XBOX support for games. Now when they finally released consoles they are shouting about DX12 Ultimate.
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