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Originally Posted by demonking View Post
I know, since my early teens I've been able to keep up with (mostly) top end hardware on PC. Just feels like the last 5 years the PC market has grown popular and as such the margins have grown.
I am going to struggle to update my rig these days without being in the position of this is not going to last very long.
i7 3770 has kept me going for quite a while, I doubt that if I spent to get the 9700K or 3800X (which are both considerably higher priced than the last CPU I brought for myself) that it will still be a reasonable CPU in 2025. when you throw in that boards have more than doubled and Nvidia are really jacking their prices up, I've almost been priced out of a passion. Though my Steam library is like a pot commitment
I get you. At least DDR4 prices and SSD prices are down though.

We know the next-gen consoles will be 8 Zen 2 cores, so at least that is something to go on.

TBH, we are getting a lot more for our money than we did 3ish years ago. The problem is now that the pace of technological innovation has increased, the lifespan of new parts has decreased. Skylake was great at the time, but the money that went into the i7-6700K now buys people a lot more CPU.
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