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Originally Posted by demonking View Post
I think its just frustrating that the price of boards has skyrocketed over the last few years. Admittedly better board all round with the inclusion of a lot of newer features, they do seem to have gone mad with the pricing now.
Mobo used to be around 15% of the total budget now its more like 25% if not more, unless you go with the lower end chipsets.
A lot of it is the increases in core counts and I/O features. As much as we can say that X470 can technically support PCIe 4.0, there is a difference between getting official support and offering it as an out of spec option. Then there are things like the power requirements of more cores and beefing up the memory side for faster and faster DIMMs.

Beyond that, BIOS updates have become a big deal. It wasn't long ago when nobody recommended updating your BIOS unless it was absolutely necessary. Now BIOS' get a lot more engineering time, and that has a cost. Those LED lights etc also cost money too, which is a shame...
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