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Today we will be taking a look at the progress on PARVUM SHEEDY, lots has been done on the assembly and loop front, plus all of the custom cables i've been working on. There have been a few set backs along the way with O-ring tolerances but after some testing of the custom parts in isolation they are now looking solid.

Straight in with a cheeky radiator stack perfectly flanking an EK DDC.

...and another EK DDC for good measure.

Everything in this case is a mm perfect fit. The elaborate snake of rotaries are used to get the tubing around the end of the GPU and keep it perpendicular to the midwall.

With the pumps, radiator and motherboard mounted we cut the shorter hard to access pieces of tubing first.

And 100% remembered to plug in the right pump before adding fittings.

Next up the GPU, an EK blocked ASUS 780 DCUII and some of the longer tubing runs


With most of the front taken care of it was time to address the tubing in the rear. This connects the inner front radiator and completes the loop by returning the top radiator back to the reservoir.

While the loop was coming together all of the cables were simultaneously fitted and positioned.

All that left was the top radiator and the reservoir which came in as one sub assembly united to the loop by 2 vertical tubes to each pump.

With everything fitted, cabled and tubed together that concludes our progress so far. All that remains is to connect the embedded LED strip to a peripheral connector of the PSU, fit the M.2 SSD and fill the loop!

But not just yet
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