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Chasing Dreams

Hi everyone!

Thought it'd be fun if you could follow my very first attempts at sleeving...
I started yesterday but with no acces to the forum I couldn't post ^^ so here you have it: project cable sleeving has begun!
It'll be mostly about the sleeving and cable management. Other things I want to get done is change the noctua fans to white ones from enermax, throw out dvd drive, hide HDD in a nice housing and put it on the bottom and install some white nzxt leds. Don't know if 1m would suffice or maybe go 2m of these leds?

Anyway, this is the sleeving material: top quality from MDPC-X !

Theme is going to be black and white, as you can see...
Behold, a personalised pin remover: Gurt11 edition! Big thank you to Nils @ MDPC-X!

My very first sleeved computerpart: Enermax UCTB12 fan, and proud of it!

I ran into a couple of problems too.
1) The opening of the cable routing hole in the side of the fan is just to small to squeezzz a sleeved cable through. The easy way would be to get the dremel out, but since I don't have one, sandpaper does the job too! It just takes a little longer.

Second problem were black cables shining through the white sleeve. I saw that coming ofcourse but still I tried. Didn't like it, so white electrical tape around the black cables solved that ^^
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