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Originally Posted by looz View Post
Buying tech and expecting it to stay relevant is inane.
Do your research, buy what suits you best at your price range, and that's pretty much it. By doing that you'll also avoid buying poorly designed cards like THICC II so there's no reason to be upset about them improving it.
And Super release didn't give me any special feels whatsoever, my 2060 at launch price of 370€ was a good deal.
This is not an improvement though. This is an entirely new card. 2 fans vs 3 fans.

Improving it would have been to tweak the small mistakes they made and that GN went into and would have drastically been better. Then they would have called Thicc 2 version 2.

Extending the heatsink to accommodate another fan is not an improvement.
The 2 is a 2.5 slot card.
This 3 is a 2.7 slot card.

The 2 is 11.5 inches long. Which is long already, adding another fan onto that is going to push 12 maybe longer.

It's a different class of card. With NO PROMISE of fixing the same small mistakes they made on the 2.

I am with Goldfish on this one. That being said, I personally don't care what they do to improve it, I just think it's not right to say its essentially a revision.
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