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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
It's not the same product. When I first heard about this, I genuinely thought it was a revision to their THICC II. I thought it would be awesome if XFX corrected their design errors. But then I twigged on that II meant dual fan while III would mean triple fan.

The THICC II is not a budget RX 5700 card, but it's a poorly performing one. So what XFX have done is, create a new product after the fact that is supposed to be superior in every way but looking the same. It's like when Nvidia released their 'Super' variants. It made you feel like the original was a stop-gap. It was a tease, a drip feed. "We failed you before, but that wasn't the real product, so it's OK. We were just testing the market with that. The THICC III is and always was our REAL performer". I know I'm extrapolating a lot here, but I hope the point I'm trying to make is still understandable.

I don't want a bigger, more expensive version of a product months after the smaller one failed miserably. If the THICC II was tiny and cheap, fine. But it's not. It had major design flaws. If you can't do that right, why would you expect consumers to pay more just for an extra fan? Every product should be the best it could be given its market. The THICC II didn't appear to be like that at all given the reviews and tear-downs I've seen. Also, PowerColor managed to get a more compact version right, as did other manufacturers.
Buying tech and expecting it to stay relevant is inane.
Do your research, buy what suits you best at your price range, and that's pretty much it. By doing that you'll also avoid buying poorly designed cards like THICC II so there's no reason to be upset about them improving it.
And Super release didn't give me any special feels whatsoever, my 2060 at launch price of 370€ was a good deal.
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