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Cool S430 White Build

Just had to re-build the missus' gaming rig. She was running a Corsiar 600T case that lived on the floor, but she needed more space under her desk to fit her new gaming throne. So swapped out from the Corsair to an NZXT S340 (with an X61 in the front) that matched her furniture and took up waaaaay less desk space.

Here's the result:

It's a PITA to build in a mid tower compared to a full tower case, but a really excellent case in every other way.

It's extremely attractive, very well made, and has had some great thought put into it's design and features. For me the only real bugbears were the single hidden SSD mount spot; there is room for two on the case floor) and the lack of a wired-in fan controller like on my Phantom 630. I guess it would be kinda nice if it also supported squared off 240mm rads in the front, not just their own X61. But.. for a packet of Haribo over £50 it truly is insanely good value.


NZXT S340 White, Asus Sabretooth P67, Intel i5 2500K @ 4.2GHz (Kraken X61 push-pull), 16 GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz, Asus Strix GTX970, 1x Intell 535 120GB SSD Boot Drive, 2x WD RED 3GB HDDs in 0/1 Intel Matrix RAID, and some sort of non-modular Corsair PSU that made life more of a bollocks than it needed to be in such a small case.
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