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Time to do some testing of the components and some mocking up -

First up the Installation of the motherboard

Looking at that I couldn't of placed the holes for cable routing any better if I designed the case myself

Now you only have to do a web review search or pick up a recent publication and you'll see how highly regarded the new Corsair H100i is; so how do you improve it's already excellent performance?

Well you could use fans that produce a higher static pressure than the standard Corsair fans, you could front and back the H100i with two pairs of fans in a push/pull config, you can even use a shroud to eliminate the deadspot of the push config fans...

Me, I've done all three of the above

The H100i will be mounted vertically at the front of the case hence the name of the build - BackDraft

First up is the high static pressure push fan element of the build

Two AP15's, a personal favourite, tried, tested and in my opinion the best radiator fans money can buy.

Another component of the build is the BitFenix Recon

I'm not a fan of the fixed (glued in place spaghetti) but this is one very very impressive bit of kit especially when used with the third party Phoebetria software; despite it still being an evolving Beta application it functions far better than BitFenix's own Recon control software (please note it doesn't yet support the mobile phone app).

Download Link

And here we have the H100i unit with two pre installed Xilence 2CF's (the pull element) and a 30mm Pulse Modding 240 shroud.

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