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Hey all

I'm new to the forum and have a build ongoing that I'd like to share with you.

First things first to bring you up to date on the current state of play, please bare with me as the build is already under-way; it's been subject to change thus far and likely will be changed further still lol...

BackDraft Evo...

BackDraft is a concept I’ve been toying with for some time (12 months plus), the basic brief is for a high air flow water/hybrid cooled rig for general use, video encoding, gaming and to satisfy my passion for overclocking and benchmarking; as both the CPU and GPU will be overclocked a heavy emphasis will be on cooling but I also want for it to be nigh on silent and energy efficient.

As the name suggests it will be a project that evolves in stages.

2 of the principle components -

An EVGA Z68 FTW Motherboard 8D

My performance lapped 2600K

And here is some more of the pre build stockpile just after Christmas

The case I’ve opted to use is the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1

Very R4 I think you’ll agree

(it wouldn't surprise me if they are manufactured at the same facility lol)

The first nice touch is the pop up I/O panel

Next up we have in the rear area of the top cover a sliding mechanism called "Air Chimney" by Nanoxia, raising this panel up gives any underlying fans the breathing room needed while still offering some sound encapsulation.

Pop open the front and you have two slider variety fan controllers (three channels apiece).

Three 5.25" drive bays and below those there are two 120mm fan mounting points behind the bottom door with removable mesh dust filters.

Here are a couple of features I'd like to mention -

Another well thought out touch.

The eight hard drive bays are divided into three cages, two for three and one for two drives;thanks to the two modular bays and the secondary placement possibility, you can pretty much mix an match to suit your requirements.

And now to strip it down...

Front panel PCB

From left to right you - reset button, power button, two three channel fan connections and a power connection for the fan controller.

The associated connections

From left to right - power switch IO, power LED IO, reset button IO, two groups of three male (3 pin) fan connections and a 4 pin molex connection which powers the fan controller.

Roof mounted IO panel PCB

From left to right - two USB 2, two USB 3 and HD/AC97 audio.

The associated motherboard connections

From left to right - USB 3, USB 2 and HD/AC97 audio.

And now finally the chassis in it's naked form.

I've replaced the standard tubing grommets with the solid rubber grommets provided (another nice touch), I'd rather they weren't there in the first instance but hey that's me lol.

You have around 20 mm of space behind the motherboard tray to route cables.

Right impressions on the chassis so far...

Nice build quality
Some well thought out features
You can mount 240 radiators in the roof and horizontally in the front of the case out of the box

The bloody cheap case feet have to go!!!
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