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The structure of your videos will vary a lot depending on what content are you presenting. Watch videos on your subject and see what are the trends and then form your videos based on that.

Regardless of the content, there are skills you will need to have. You are a presenter. Doesn't matter what you present the concept is the same. Learning about lecturer skills is very important. You might want to see some guides for that. I paid a great deal on those when I started working as a TA at the Department of Anatomy. Some of them are:

You want to be very fluent in speaking. It doesn't matter if English is your native language or not you need to practice fluent speaking. Start with reading out loud books and any content you consume online.

You also need to remove any stutters from your speaking: uh, um, aa, or any repeatable phrases: like, you know, I think, etc. Those are very annoying.

Your thought process and the flow of your video must have a direction and consistency. Don't repeat yourself and don't go back and forth. If you are not scripting the whole video at least have some bullet points fo you can stay focused on the subject. There are also some rules about how should your content be structured.

Take Tom for example. Half the time he is not aware of the words that are coming from his mouth. But he doesn't stutter, he doesn't have annoying phrases, he doesn't repeat himself. His speaking is fluent, his thought process has some direction, and his videos are uniform.

Learn about those things in tutorials about lectures, after-dinner speaking, and similar.

Also, you need to work on the technical side of your videos. Production, transitions, framerate, camera angles, A-rolls, B-Bolls. Video editing software knowledge is a must. You can really elevate your videos with good production. It doesn't need to be Linus level but you need to have some basic equipment and skill. See some guides on that.

Start it as a side project. Enjoy what you do. Do not expect overnight success. It will take a long time. Try to constantly improve.
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