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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
Yes but 9900K at 5GHz still beats them in pretty much everything else. I really like this AMD release, but they are still just one step behind.
You actually believe that? Wow.

The only thing Intel have left is clock speed. And that's only because they're billions into trying to shrink. Which leads me onto the next bit. With big shrinks will come clock drops. That is why they haven't released any desktop parts yet. What they gain in shrinks and improvements may carry a penalty.

£ per perf they're getting smashed all over the place. The only thing they have left is clock speed and 1080p gaming, which even on consoles is becoming a thing of the past, with Control (hailed as the beginning of a new era in game graphics) running at 1440p upscaling to 4k.

1080p will become a distant memory when the next gen if consoles come out and TV prices keep falling.

There may even come a point where games may need to be downscaled to 1080p or lose detail to be displayed at that Res.

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