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Oh I wasn't aware of routers having that and the funny part is I've both of those routers lol
I know they have the standard mode for routing but they also have the bridged or in the Asus case a node set-up for mesh wifi. I'm guessing that's similar to the hotspot?

Either way thank you for the advice. I'm sure I would have eventually figured it out but it's nice to just know ahead of time I'll look into this for sure. I was planning on installing AsusWRT-Merlin custom firmware anyway on my AC66u B1 so I mine as well snoop around again before trying

Yeah the security feature from Trend micro even on the stock Asus firmware gives me crazy results. People say you don't need AV anymore but if only they knew how complex the internet gets.. my brother a few years back was getting into Torrents and trying to be sneaky and in that month the Asus router reported nearly 8k total hits to the network it stopped and I'm positive it didn't catch all of it.

That's why encryption is so key! Alongside other intrusion protection methods of course
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