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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Anthem was one of a few titles in recent years I was SUPER stoked for. I didn't buy it because EA but was eagerly awaiting consumer reviews on Reddit, etc. Glad I didn't but so sad. Loved the Iron Man type feel to the game. Beta was so much fun(albeit buggy as heck)
Given the lack of content, its actually really fun, but repetitive.

I mentioned quite some time ago that they were planning an overhaul of Anthem.
The comments leaked from bioware were that it will be Anthem 2.0 not a sequel.

Pretty much what squaresoft did with FF14. Overhauled everything and went back to basics. Question is if they rerwite the whole thing, or introduce it in packs or major patches.

personally I would say scrap the current version or set it aside for those still having fun, and work on an entirely new Anthem. A sequel isnt needed. Its so dead now, that missions take up to 3min to start loading because it cant find other players.

I did enjoy it alot! the weapons were a little lacklustre though and needed more unique versions. Currently the end game exotics are the same name as your base rare weapon, but just higher stats. I wanted to see named exotics like that which you see in Destiny 2.

And I must say, Anthem with a 2080ti and DLSS. HOLY MOLY its beautiful. I found myself watching a waterfall mesmerized for some time.
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