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My pal in the USA got a 28" Asus 4k monitor for $399. I was so, so happy for him because he's had a crap time of it lately and when he finally thought he had enough the prices went up and he got screwed on his pay check for working too many hours and entering a different tax bracket.

So he's been waiting three months and saving hard.. Was a cracking deal tbh, well happy for him.

I don't usually bother with Black Friday but this time I was actually looking to buy an SSD so that was a real result. Nice bit of luck, especially considering I just got back my old Alienware for free

Then of course I can't help spoiling my lady. She's been after a new phone for a while as her old Blackberry Q10 is starting to creak a little.

Originally Posted by dipzy View Post
is £439 for a 2TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD a good buy?

X2, slap them in RAID 0.

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