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If you know anything about corporations then you that they constantly seek to increase their profits. And EA is run by shortsighted idiots. They already spend more on marketing than they do on development. Now they're gonna spend more on DLC and marketing than they do on core game. Here's what's gonna happen in the next few years.

EA sees these numbers, and they immediately get the idea to sell more DLC. But to do that they need to create the game with all that DLC in mind. That's how it's done these days. But that doesn't mean that they will devote more resources to the game than they've initially planned. It means that they will reduce the budget for the core game and put the rest towards DLC development. It also means that they will increase their focus on microtransactions.

All this means that the core games will contain less and less stuff in order to sell more and more DLC (Battlefront is the first extreme example of this). Gameplay will be tailored to incentivise the use of microtransactions. Eventually people will get sick of it, because EA won't be the only one doing that. And one day soon EA will be forced to shut down another studio that made the game that broke the camel's back. Then EA will continue the cycle again, promising to be better for a few years only to go back to the same old ty anti-consumer practices. Don't believe them.

Save yourself the trouble and just ignore them
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