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Putting these back as i serisously just put them on my own site for a cleanup(restore) on here.
anyway, there back i just can't seem to get on my old account yet but doesn't really matter i hope (maybe a mod can repalce them in post1?)..
the rest is coming up !

First Extereme stats sig,


Click on the first link(url) hit enter and a sig image of "SnW" will appear,
see image(url) below,

then go to your own Extreme stats page and at the end of that url you see a specific number (my case -317784-),


that number you copy and paste over the "SnW" number, hit enter and voila you see your own stats sig.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______

Second EVGA stats sig(badge) maker,


Click the link above go to the bottom and you will find a User ID box , fill in your specific number (my case -317784-)
and hit enter and you will see your own sig at the top,

as you can see on the site you can change colors change the icon and background overlay (Show/Hide),
i would say fiddle with it and hit enter (anytime you changed a number) and see what you have done

Few "SnW" examples,

BTW use the second column (copy paste) url on here (preferred),

Win7 side bar gadget,

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