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Originally Posted by WillSK View Post
Seeing builds like this just reminds me how sad it is Caselabs are gone. Lovely bit of kit mate!
Yeah, it really sucks that they are gone.

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Oh yeah.. Dude I had no issues doing up my BP fittings. I think it's a combination of the grippy tubing you are using and the thickness. That's why I gave up on 19mm hose it really, really made me angry.

That said grippy = good seal. It's just not so great for your thumbs lmao.

I also found that tubing varies wildly. Like, that XPSC green and black stuff I used was a hooer, whilst the Mayhem white stuff I used in someone else's build was ever so slightly smaller and very very easy to do up the fittings.
I tried pulling them apart, there was no way they were coming off. If the tube didn't tear first I'm pretty sure the connection could hold my weight.

Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
So I’m assuming by your post, that the EVGA 2080 Super Black Gaming GPU isn’t all that great?... As I’m considering it or the Gigabyte 2080 Windforce III. Only thing is that the EVGA one us like $10 more expensive, yet faster. But it doesn’t have a backplate, which is weird and bugs me. But since you wrote that for light duty it’s fine, but once gaming it’s loud.
Makes me lean more towards the Gigabyte one... Yet I noticed that yours is almost right next to a solid glas panel? How would it be right next to a fullt ventilated side panel, such as in the Dan Case A4 SFX case, which is the case I’m considering switching to. Although my current 1080 Ti Strix is to thick for that case at 2.5 slot.

Your thoughts and experience with your card would be much appreciated
The card is great, but during folding it got loud. It was most definitely starved for air though in my case having a window next to it instead of vents. That said, the GTX 1080 I had was much quieter even at full load during folding. It was a FTW version, those have better cooling than the base model EVGA cards.

I wasn't too concerned about not having a backplate as the PCB is black and half of it is covered by the SODIMM.2 card on my board.
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