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Something wrong with this. Well, maybe there's something wrong with my PC.

Firstly my CPU is boosting to 2.3ghz, not 2.4ghz on all 14 cores (as it should) and secondly when running the single core benchmark my CPU is all over the place, ranging from 3.3ghz down to 1.1.

I'm also disappointed with the score, as it should be a bit better than it is but WCYD? At the end of the day I suspect that either the Spectre/Meltdown patches have nerfed my CPU (I would be more leaning toward that) or running different speed RAM is causing an issue, as I can't seem to baseclock my board at all now, nor enable OC Genie.

Either way it is what it is, no point crying over it.

Single Threaded - 236
Multi Threaded - 3937

Edit. I should have the same/faster score than Mark. Doesn't make any sense at all. Single core boost is off.

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