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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
To give more feedback, personally, I prefer the more YouTube style of doing things. Where a lot of reviewers will bench a set of cards in the same price or performance range and put them against each other. You can make an easy video off of that and get a pretty quick article up as well that goes into more depth of any issues or outliers, really anything, that isn't straight performance.

This let's you have more frequently updated results and therefore more accurate. You would have to make new graphs and sort by test date/driver release. But multiple smaller more readable graphs imo are far more user friendly for everybody including mobile users which this site is not entirely up to par on for 2019 and could slightly improve the SEO rating.

To add on before I forget, I feel like this more popular method of doing things currently is because they are straight to the point and quickly gets information across. Since less and less people are watching longer videos in general (not saying OC3D videos just people as a whole) it is something to consider.

Although I think you're trademark case reviews should definitely stay long. Those are literally gold and phenomenal. Way better than the 5-10 minutes everyone else gives a case review.
I was hoping for a you tube one for these cards and agree the case ones are 2nd to none. I love detailed videos more than quickies though
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