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Originally Posted by Tom Sunday View Post
Everybody is talking about these very expensive GPU's. And the absolute desire to eventually owning one of these. I must be living on a different planet as money these days and all around is super tight and good paying 'career type jobs' are basically non-existing. Most college degrees are now worthless as well and as real tangible experience is the key. And then the unresolved pandemic forcing WFH being the new normal. A close friend knowing the great benefit packages and starting salaries, applied at NIKE HQ in Portland, OR and was told that they had over 262 resumes and or job applicants on hand for the position. He did not qualify and is now back at 'Best Buy' to tie himself over and to eat. On his way out at NIKE a friendly security guard told him: "The good jobs here are not advertised they are all networked!" So I still wonder where does all the money for the big time new GPU's is coming from? From out of space?
I am very frugal with my lifestyle, No luxuries, Very Spartan living, For example, I do not drink, Smoke, Partake in any substances, I don't buy designer clothes or expensive colognes, I don't buy new smartphones every year, Don't even own a smartphone, My internet is super cheap, Slow but stable and cheap.

The food I eat is basic but nutritious, I only drink water and don't consume anything that my body doesn't need, Same goes for my apartment, It's minimalistic, Nothing fancy, Very basic but practical, No girlfriend either and relationships can get very expensive.

All of this adds up over time, My only luxury in life is PC stuff and I am not alone in this type of living.
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