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I am here mi'lord. And im am ready to serve. Thank you for buzzing me through the gate.

--- Right lads, I am a tech nerd, I have been around on Guru3D for a number of years and TechPowerUp for a very many long years but i am here to spread the love of our lord and savior Lord Gaben.

However, Since TPU and Guru3D recently had a major forum overhaul recently/a few years ago. I am finding this forum is a bit of a trip down memory lane.


For now you may know me as a dude playing a dude pretending to be another dude and im not here to spy but to spread the word of our Lord and Savior Gaben.

Been subbed to OC3D for a number of years on YT so decided to sign up and see if there was any trouble to be had around here.

Surprised there isnt a drop down box or section in the USERCP to fill out our PC hardware specs but horses for courses
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