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I like android have used these for a fair few years now, it's a minefield to pick from but for me personally I don't buy the latest phones often buy a gen back at a cheaper price currently using a sony xa1 ultra it does what I need.

If your looking for certain features then it'll be something you need to look into to see whats out there, I'd like a one plus was going to get a oneplus 3 for an older phone it's well supported and still pretty powerful they are a good brand so the one plus 7 would be a very good phone for you, but there are many many to pick from so I'd just look into it for a few days until you see something that you like the look of.

I like the fact I've been able to use a micro sd card with my music on it over the course of several phones now makes life simple and generally there isn't anything to dislike about android it works, but some brands are better than others when it comes to OTA updates so if you want the latest with future upgrades it's something to pay attention too, that's the one thing one plus does so well they update for a long time and are built well, but which phone is right for you depends on many things, gl in your search
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