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TN actually can do very good with color. That Dell is known to have really poor or bland color performance. I was recently in the market for a gaming monitor and read and watched every review I could get my hands on which is why I'm familiar with it.

I settled on an Acer Predator Xb272 and love it. The colors are also very good.

VA isn't necessarily better with color, their strength is black levels and contrast which makes the overall image better. VA is the best looking picture IMO but ghosting and bleeding is a problem because VA is a lot slower. I was using a 70 Hz VA panel at 1440 and that was a big reason I went back to TN.

Monitor snobs will forever hate on TN but I've never had a problem with them but then I'm strictly a PC gamer. If you need your monitor for other tasks then I'll agree TN may not be the best.

For gaming check out the Predator line. Asus has a 27" TN that also is reviewed to have excellent color.

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