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Thread: Monitor advice
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Monitor advice

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for help on what monitors are out there in terms of the following specs:

27", 2560x1440p, 144Hz and with VA panel.

I do not want IPS, because I've tried several ultrawides (ASUS, DELL/ALIENWARE, ACER) and now I've tried the LG 27GL850 monitor even.

I've come to the realisation that I can't live with the massive IPS bleed that most IPS monitors come with, especially for their massive price tags.

I've been on an DELL S2716DG, which I really liked the design of and it was perfect basically. Although TN isn't the very best when it comes to colours.

So now I'm wondering if you guys know of any VA panel with these specs?... Since VA is better than TN when it comes to colours, but not as good as IPS.

I'm looking for as much of a netrual design as possible, ie trying to stay away from the whole "gamer looking black and red design".

Any advice/recommendations here are highly appreciated!

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