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Old 04-02-21, 04:49 PM
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Your only need the one X16 slot, the m.2 shouldn't be effected, but some boards take away 1 sata port when you use the m.2, guess it depends on the mobo you get really, if the network card needs X16 then depending on the board it'd be 2 at x8 but i'd be suprised if there wasnt a 2 x16 one out there, but with the newer GPU's being far bigger in size your also have to think about spacing between the slots.

But the hit I don't feel would be much if that was the case.

Personally I'd get the GPU use it and wait for AM5 DDR5 it's pretty much due end of this year and if your PC is decent atm it'd be worth holding off for a bit.
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