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Originally Posted by shambles1980 View Post
you have RST from intel on the z 68 and above boards.
you can use any ssd as a cache but only up to a max of 64gb i think.

the generals of it is.
set up the bios for raid. dont worrt about making an array. install windows on a mechanical drive. do not partition the ssd it has to be un-partitioned space.
run the intel app and tell it how much space to use for cache.
this will then set up your cache and make an accelerated raid array consisting of your mechanical drive and the cache you allocated.
when that is done you can then go to computer management>disk manager and then partition the remaining space (you will only be able to see the remaining space)
so if you havd a 120gb ssd and used 60gb for cache when you go to disk manager you will only see a 60gb hard disk available to partition.

and thats about all you need to do. the software and chip set take care of everything els.
it does work a lot like a raid array but since the z68 chipset it understands that its a cache. You may need to enable it in the bios but my intel board auto magically does it.
Sounds pretty complex if you only have a hdd and ssd. I'll just buy a separate ssd purely for chache then. Thanks for the mini tutorial and info.
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