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SSD cache for 2tb HDD.

I'm buying a 128gb ssd for windows and steam ect just so it feels more responsive, but I've heard that maps load A LOT quicker on an ssd.
If I install windows and a bunch of apps that I want to partition off,and then leave like 40gb or something for room and then partition 40gb for caching, could I make a 40gb on my WD Black 2tb drive.
How would I do this and would this mean if I'm running a game like COD or BF, it could cache an entire map and then load it a lot quicker because it's technically in the SSD?
Just curious, might not get around to doing this at all if it turns out to not be worth it. I was thinking that the games stored on the HDD could be partially cached in the part of the SSD I would partition for cache.
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