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Over Moderation On Forums Getting Too Much

Before I start ranting I just thought I'd say this has zero to do with anyone from OC3D, Nothing but respect for our Mods/Guv here

I've noticed over the past year or so that mods on forums, PC Enthusiast forums in general, Seem to have gotten a bit power mad when it comes to moderating.

I've seen a lot of people just having a mature adult discussion were all involved contribute something to the discussion only to have the whole thing cut short or off completely by an over zealous moderator because he, She or more likely "It" doesn't share the same view point.

Or even worse, Posts edited so it falls more in line with the moderators "Standards" which seem to be sub-human.

For instance me a and few friends were chatting about bodybuilding, Supplements, Products etc... and because the moderator of that forum didn't like the direction of the discussion he/she/it closed the thread and even went as far as to ban someone.

Personally I'm getting really sick and tired of certain mods and it's only really on PC enthusiast forums where they are at their absolute most despicable.

Anyone else think it's time that some mods need to BTFO and let adults be adults ?
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