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Originally Posted by SieB View Post
I wouldn't get your hopes up, Intel announced last week they are delaying Broadwell. Apparently due to "production problems" but in my opinion they are doing same as they did with Ivy, they had no competition so they are delayed it to profit more off Haswell.

I can't wait until I finnally have a reason to upgrade from my 2500k though, Ivy and Haswell just were not worth it. If next gen games prove to take advantage of multithreading like they say they do I might grab a 2700k though.
I'm in the same boat as you SieB. Just haven't felt the need to upgrade my 2500k, not that money permits at the moment anyway. I think for gaming I can stick with just upgrading my GPU for now and then be ok again for a year or so.

I am almost 100% sure though that my next cpu upgrade will be to an i7 though purely because games are actually starting to use the cores now
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